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Fresh, Healthy Produce

"from the Garden of Eden"


What is Eden Valley Growers?

Eden Valley Growers, Inc. established in 1956, is a vegetable growing farm cooperative that recently celebrated its 66th anniversary. Most of the members are fifth, sixth, & seventh generation farms and include Henry W. Agle & Sons, Ronald Draudt & Sons, Kenneth Henry & Sons, MCR Farm, Amos Zittel & Sons, Henry’s Gardens, W.D. Henry & Sons, Vacco Farms, Erdle Farm, and Evan Schiedel Farm.

These farms and distribution facility are located approximately 20 miles south of Buffalo, in Eden, New York.  The “Co-op” provides cooling, marketing, and distribution of the produce grown. From May 1st to December 1st we ship over half a million cases throughout the Eastern United States and handle over 45 specialty vegetable and fruit varieties.  We are extending our season’s offering each year with plans to soon be a year round operation.​

Why Eden Valley?

The Oldest Food Hub in New York State

More than 45 Specialty Vegetable Varieties

Fresh Delivery - Just 20 Minutes from Buffalo

10 Multi-generational Grower Families

Consistent, Healthy and Fresh Produce

We Care About You and Locally Grown Food


What we Produce

Every season Eden Valley builds a bigger shopping basket. Our cooler inventory includes peas and strawberries in the spring; leafy lettuce all season long; beans, cauliflower, eggplant, tomatoes, summer squash, peaches and blueberries during the summer; kale, winter squash, brussel sprouts, apples, pears, and concord grapes throughout the fall. Some of our biggest volume crops are green sweet peppers, cabbage, corn, and cucumbers.  This year we are planning to provide our customers with several different varieties of potatoes, onions, and root crops too!

Our Growing Reputation...

Over 600,000 cartons of produce shipped each year, and that number keeps growing.

60% of shipments go to local grocery stores and supermarkets in the Buffalo, NY area.

40% of shipments go to the New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia,  the Carolinas and Florida.


The Western NY Food Hub is supported through a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Local Food Promotion Program, and provides qualified growers with immediate access to wholesale markets.


Eden Valley Growers was selected in 2014 to own/operate the Western New York Food Hub, and has opened the door to new produce growers interested in selling through wholesale market channels! Recognizing the increasing demand for locally grown food, and the considerable assets the cooperative has in terms of infrastructure, sales and marketing, they were poised to provide Western NY farmers with a viable market for their produce.

For more information, visit the WNY Food Hub page:

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TEL : 716.992.9721

FAX : 716.992.3882

P.O. Box 39

7502 N. Gowanda State Rd.

Eden, New York 14057

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