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State of the art Cooling

Our facility in Eden NY is the only facility in New York State with three specialty coolers;

1. Vacuum Cooler for leafy greens

2. Hydro Cooler for sweet corn

3. Forced Air Cooler for peppers, cucumbers, and summer squash


These coolers are available to any grower in the Western New York area, along with our 16,000 square feet of temperature-controlled holding coolers.  Following the “first in, first out” product principal that is backed up by our traceability system, our product turn-over is typically 2 days!

Value-added Packaging

Eden Valley Growers boasts high-quality packaging options combined with superb customer service!  We work hand in hand with our grower families, and our customers to provide the end user with THE FRESHEST locally grown produce!  “Homegrown Produce is Homeland Security…Support Locally Grown Produce”

Our Growers

Meet Our Growers


Henry W. Agle & Sons


The Agle family has been farming in Eden for nearly 185 years. Currently, they are farming on about 95 acres of land and are GAPs* certified, with produce including sweet peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, cabbage, and sweet corn. They also use innovative practices such as IPM* to monitor their produce.



The Agle’s farm was founded in the 1830s and incorporated in the 1970s. Today, the farm is currently a fifth-generation farm run by siblings Karyn, Dave, and Matt, along with their cousin Jonathan, as well as Bill (Karyn, Dave, and Matt’s father) and Jim (Jonathan’s father) – who are retired but are still very active in the administration of the farm. In addition, the Agle family is also hopeful for a sixth generation in the near future.


Ronald Draudt & Sons


Ronald Draudt & Sons farm is a family farm based in Hamburg, New York. Today, the Draudt family farms on nearly 80 acres of land, and grows quite a diverse range of produce, including green and yellow squash, cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce. Similar to other member farms of Eden Valley Growers, the Draudt family uses IPM* practices to manage their crops



The Draudt family has been farming in the area for close to one hundred years, as the farm was founded in Hamburg in 1923. They are currently on their fourth generation, and the farm is run by Leslie Draudt and his son Bradley.


Henry's Gardens


Henry’s Gardens is a farm and greenhouse that is located on Sisson Highway in Eden. On nearly twenty acres of land, the Henrys grow a variety of vegetables and flowers, including broccoli, leeks, and canning tomatoes, as well as hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, and beautiful cut flowers – all monitored using IPM* practices.



History: Henry’s Gardens is currently run by husband and wife Martin and Barbara Henry and is a first generation farm and greenhouse operation that was founded in 2012, though Martin has been farming his entire life and has utilized these skills to develop the new business. Also, the Henry family expects that there will be a second generation running this operation in the future.


MCR Farms


MCR Farm is a diverse family farm located in Brant. They grow a wide variety of produce, including broccoli, cauliflower, specialty peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, and various fruits – like cherries, watermelon, concord grapes, apples, and rhubarb. Some crops are completely organic, and the rest use IPM* practices.


MCR Farm is a first-generation farm and has been independently farming for close to twenty years. The farm is run by husband and wife Martin and Carolyn Rosiek, knowing a farm would be the perfect place to raise their three children.


For the last 8 years they have also provided and amazing CSA opportunity called "Farm This" and their produce has been available at the Hamburg Farmers' Market on Saturdays and at their roadside stand.

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Kenneth Henry Sons


Kenneth Henry Sons Inc is a family-run greenhouse grower and produce farm. They primarily sell wholesale, to local establishments that depend on quality like Holiday Valley resort, numerous churches, schools, and even some residences.

They also support different garden club fundraisers with their  wholesale products.



Kenneth Henry Sons Inc. was established by Ken and Ellen Henry.


Vacco Farms


Vacco Farms is a local farming family that commercially farms strawberries, corn, green beans, concord grapes and pumpkins. They are known locally for the amazing experience they offer families with their "U-pick strawberry fields" and road-side stands.

"This was the best strawberry picking we’ve had in years! 20 minutes, 8 quarts! So yummy! And friendly staff. Kid friendly. Can’t say enough good about this place!"



Vacco Farms been operating in Angola, NY for nearly 75 years.


Amos Zittel & Sons


The Zittel farm has been in operation in Eden for over 120 years. Today, the farm is GAPs* certified, and the family is farming on approximately four hundred acres of land, with products including lettuce, peppers, cabbage, sweet corn, tomatoes, and squash (maintained using IPM*), and various organic products such as Brussels sprouts, kale, and cucumbers.



The Zittel family has been growing in Eden since 1897, and the farm was incorporated in 1976. Currently, the farm is run by brothers Bill and Dave, their cousin Kevin, and Dave’s son, Evan, making it a fifth-generation farm. Additionally – though retired – Bill and Dave’s father, George, and Kevin’s father, Paul, are still very active in the day-to-day activity of the farm.

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Evan Schiedel Farm


Our family has been farming the NY/PA state line for over 200 years. In 2008, after graduating from Cornell University, my wife and I moved to Ripley, NY and began working on my great uncle's farm. In 2012, we began transitioning the farm and we are now the owners. In addition to the next generation of farmers (we have five children), we raise Concord and Niagara grapes, sweetcorn, and winter squash.


Erdle Farm


Erdle Farm grows grapes and berries in Silver Creek, NY. The vineyards consist of several seedless table grape varieties, as well as Concords. Berry crops include blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. The farm is certified under USDA GAPs Harmonized Food Safety Standards, and has utilized sustainable farm practices for decades.



Though Peter Erdle first planted grapes in the area in the 1850’s, the current farm was established in the early 1980’s. The family partnership is operated by Colin Erdle, along with his father Rich and brother, Andrew. Through plantings and purchases the farm continues to adjust to consumer tastes, and prepare for the future.

Our Management Team
- Over 120 years of "field to dock to door to consumer" experience.

Keith Baskerville, Director of Operations –  35+ years in the Produce Industry from farm to retail.


David Walczak, Operations Manager – 38+ years experience from family greenhouse to retail to food service.

George Barker, Sales Lead – 40+ years experience from produce clerk to VP of Perishables to wholesale sales & procurement.

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