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Our Products

Every season Eden Valley builds a bigger shopping basket. Our cooler inventory includes peas and strawberries in the spring; leafy lettuce all season long; beans, cauliflower, eggplant, tomatoes, summer squash, peaches and blueberries during the summer; kale, winter squash, brussel sprouts, apples, and pears throughout the fall.


Some of our biggest volume crops are Green Sweet Peppers, Cabbage, Corn, Tomatoes and Cucumbers.  This year we are planning to provide our customers with several different varieties of potatoes, onions, and root crops too!

Our Vegetable Season


Our Fruit Season


To find out more about what we offer contact:

Keith Baskerville at 716-992-9721 (office) or 716-983-8454 (cell)

Dave Walczak at 716-992-9721 (office) or 716-481-5408 (cell)

George Barker at 716-992-9721 (office) or 813-352-2597 (cell).

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