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•Certified Organic  •Fruit  •Root crops  •Specialty/niche crops  •Ethnic crops  •Other items you grow

1.  Get your Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.s) certification.
*EVG/Western NY Food Hub and Cornell Cooperative Extension will help you with this.


2.  Learn packing standards accepted by the produce markets.
* EVG/We stern NY Food Hub and Cornell Cooperative Extension will help you with this.


3.  Have Good communication with EVG/Western NY Food Hub on availabilities and quantities.

4.  Ensure timely delivery of product to EVG/Western NY Food Hub based on orders and needs.

5.  Carry $2 million liability insurance coverage.

Eden Valley Growers can supply farms participating in the WNY Food Hub with a variety of farm and growing materials and supplies at favorable costs given the large volume of items purchased by Eden Valley.


The following materials are available:  
•    Peat Moss and Growing Mixes–BM series of BERGER Mixes
 •    Masterblend International Water Soluble Fertilizer Solutions
 •    Plastic Mulch–Clear, Black, White; various lengths
 •    Compostables–Green Thermal, Black Q-Film, Black SOLAFILM, Clear Maze, Black/Silver
 •    Containers–Test stock, bins, Broccoli boxes/bins, Cabbage boxes/bins, Corn boxes/bags, Cuke boxes, Display paks, Kale boxes, Lettuce boxes/bushels, Pepper/Tomato/Grape Tomato boxes, Clamshells, Geranium trays
 •    Labels
 •    Additional products available upon request


Eden Valley Growers/Western NY Food Hub Contact:
David Walczak  or  716.992.9721


Cornell Cooperative Extension Contact:
Cheryl Thayer  or  607-592-9507