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Join the Western NY Food Hub

The Western NY Food Hub is supported through a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Local Food Promotion Program, and provides qualified growers with immediate access to wholesale markets.


Eden Valley Growers was selected in 2014 to own/operate the Western New York Food Hub, and has opened the door to new produce growers interested in selling through wholesale market channels! Recognizing the increasing demand for locally grown food, and the considerable assets the cooperative has in terms of infrastructure, sales and marketing, they were poised to provide Western NY farmers with a viable market for their produce.

“There isn’t really an offseason anymore,” Walczak says. “The food hub has made our shopping basket bigger, and we’re able to supply Buffalo schools for their menus all winter long.”

Our Growers

What We Can Offer You

Access to sell through a stable, well-rooted produce co-op

Well established customer base serving all of Western New York and the East Coast.

Expert sales and marketing department and distribution of your product.


State-of-the-art cooling equipment, to include vacuum, forced air, slush ice, and hydro-cooling.

A good price for your product

Quick pay and collections - we will take away the burden of chasing down your money

Discounts on farm supplies, such as produce boxes, field plastic, drip tape, soil, etc.

The ability to spend your time doing what you love - FARMING!

What We Are Looking For

•Certified Organic  •Fruit  •Root crops  •Specialty/niche crops  •Ethnic crops  •Other items you grow

What You Need To Do

1.  Get your Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.s) certification.
*EVG/Western NY Food Hub and Cornell Cooperative Extension will help you with this.


2.  Learn packing standards accepted by the produce markets.
* EVG/We stern NY Food Hub and Cornell Cooperative Extension will help you with this.


3.  Have Good communication with EVG/Western NY Food Hub on availabilities and quantities.

4.  Ensure timely delivery of product to EVG/Western NY Food Hub based on orders and needs.

5.  Carry $2 million liability insurance coverage.

What We Can Supply You

Eden Valley Growers can supply farms participating in the WNY Food Hub with a variety of farm and growing materials and supplies at favorable costs given the large volume of items purchased by Eden Valley.


The following materials are available:  
•    Peat Moss and Growing Mixes–BM series of BERGER Mixes
 •    Masterblend International Water Soluble Fertilizer Solutions
 •    Plastic Mulch–Clear, Black, White; various lengths
 •    Compostables–Green Thermal, Black Q-Film, Black SOLAFILM, Clear Maze, Black/Silver
 •    Containers–Test stock, bins, Broccoli boxes/bins, Cabbage boxes/bins, Corn boxes/bags, Cuke boxes, Display paks, Kale boxes, Lettuce boxes/bushels, Pepper/Tomato/Grape Tomato boxes, Clamshells, Geranium trays
 •    Labels
 •    Additional products available upon request


Eden Valley Growers/Western NY Food Hub Contact:
David Walczak  or  716.992.9721


Cornell Cooperative Extension Contact:
Cheryl Bilinski  or  607-592-9507


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